Camden Market is an Essential Place to Visit

If you’re looking for somewhere great to go shopping, then you simply can’t miss out on Camden Market. The market, as you might imagine, can be found in Camden, which is a popular and modern area of London. In fact, the Camden area is a great place for celebrity spotting, with many indie and alternative venues being scattered throughout the area.

The Camden Market is incredibly large, stretching out onto the sides of the streets, and then into a huge complex of little stalls, larger rooms, indoors antique shops, vintage clothing shops, tattoo salons and hat shops. If there’s something quirky you’re after, then you can be sure to find it in Camden Market. Whether you’re after some traditional African food for takeaway, or a pair of vintage sunglasses from the 1980s, Camden Market is your place. It’s a popular spot for having a drink during the day, too. Be sure you pay a visit!