Chic and Pretty Guesthouse West

For a hotel that’s a little stylish and chic, the Guesthouse West is a great place to stay. You won’t get any clutter, you won’t have bulky traditional pieces of furniture. The Guesthouse West is truly modern, with simplistic rooms and balcony areas, and 20 rooms that all offer comfortable, large beds and luxury bathroom facilities.

You can either pay by the night if you’re going on a vacation, but if you know you’re going to be staying a lot throughout the year, then you can invest in a room and be given the opportunity to use the room whatever night of the year you like. This is a popular hotel for media types, but plenty of vacationers looking for a luxury stay drop by the hotel, which can offer rooms for around £182 per night, which is a pretty good deal for the area.

You’ll find numerous shopping outlets nearby, including Chepstow Road and Ledbury.