Cool Capsule – Put Your Head Down in Heathrow

Okay, so the Cool Capsule isn’t quite a regular hotel, but it’s certainly a place to stay. The Cool Capsule first opened in Gatwick Airport in 2007, and now it’s open in the fourth terminal of Heathrow. The idea is that you can rent a capsule with a bed for the night in the airport, just in case your flight is cancelled or you need to arrive at the airport much earlier than your flight.

The capsule is based on the kind of first class cabins you find on planes, and you can choose between a standard and a premium capsule for the night. It’s even available on four-hour rental bases, meaning that you could even turn up and have a quick nap before your flight!

Each one of the cabins is big enough to sleep in, has a shower room, some storage and a ‘techno wall’, which lets you enjoy personal digital media.