Enjoy a Taste of France at Bar Boulud

The Bar Boulud is a great French restaurant found in the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park area of Knightsbridge, which is known as a particularly popular, wealthy are of the city. The Bar Bolud is a US import, which many locals don’t particularly like, but the restaurant has its root in New York and it manages to create some truly authentic and great tasting dishes.  
The restaurant offers you a real luxury experience, with a wide range of terrines, pates, sausages, hams and much more. The restaurant offers true, authentic French food but offers the unique New York take on them. The modern restaurant makes you feel totally at home, and it’s certainly in the right place in Knightsbridge. 
It’s probably not one of the cheapest restaurants in the area, but it’s one of the best – and it’s even got a huge wine list. But it’s pricey! So if you’re looking for a luxury night out, with some great food, then this is a good option. It’s probably best for a special occasion or just a chance to spend some quality time with your close friends and family.