Experience Traditional Art at the National Gallery

As well as offering some great opportunities to experience modern and contemporary art, London can of course still offer you the chance to see some of the finest art from history. The National Gallery is t he perfect place to visit if you’re a fan of traditional art, and you’re looking to see some of the finest and most famous master piece from all over the world.

The National Gallery is the pride of Trafalgar Square, standing tall with its incredible architecture and truly classical style. The National Gallery is jam packed with paintings from throughout history, generally ranging from as early as the 13th century, right up to the 19th century. You’ll find plenty of recognizable pieces in this English, iconic building. There are pieces here by Titian, Stubbs, Botticelli and even Da Vinci and Van Gogh. So what possible reason could you have not to go? Particularly when entrance to the museum is free!