Fabric is Still the Father of London Night clubs

The Fabric is an incredibly large night club in London that has been one of the most popular and famous for 11 years now. They’ve been through highs and they’ve been through lows, but the night club remains one of the best venues in London. In fact, the night club is known for having pushed some of the best new electric music over the last few years.

They have some great upcoming listings, too, so if you’re going to be vacationing in London any time soon, be sure to take a look at who’s going to be there next. The club opens on Saturdays at 10pm and is open straight through to 6am. There is a wide cross-section of people. The venue is that wild, that some of the DJs they have their, like DJ Luciano, has been known for playing nearly 40 hours straight before now.

So whilst it won’t be open that long, you can expect a really wild night out. So get yourself down to Charterhouse Street, EC1.