Harrods is the Luxury Center of London

Harrods is perhaps one of the most famous shops in the whole country. The large upmarket department store isn’t exactly friendly on the wallet, but it’s well worth visiting even if you don’t buy anything. The store is on Brompton Road in wealthy area Knightsbridge.

The store has a large 5 acre site, and there is over one million square feet of selling space available, with over 220 departments. So the shop is very much the largest department store in Europe. It’s also tied up in the story of Princess Diana, and now features a large memorial which attracts tourists from all over the world.

The Harrods store has a motto, which when translated means ‘All things for all people, everywhere’.

If you’re looking to see the best sites in London, then this is a must-see. Originally set up in 1834, the shop is one of the most famous deparment stores in the whole world, let alone London.