If You Prefer Contemporary Art, Don’t Miss the Tate

London is packed full of galleries and museums that look back over Britain’s extensive artistic past – but for those who want to experience what the modern day has to offer in terms of Art, then the Tate is a fantastic way to experience it.

The Tate Gallery of London can be found on the banks of the Thames, in a building that used to be a power station. The Tate is known throughout the area for its unique appearance, and anybody can enter the Tate for free.

Inside the Tate gallery you’ll find some incredible exhibits, some of which are constantly changing and may require a fee for entrance. You’ll find works from modern artists like Gauguin and Damien Hirst. There’s even a restaurant inside the building that lets you look over the city’s views while you eat. It’s an important stop for those interested in contemporary culture and innovative new takes on what art could, should and can be.