New technology on London buses

The iBus, which can now be seen on London buses, is exciting new technology which helps you to know when the next bus is going to be arriving. Even better, when you’re on the bus itself, a female voice tells you where the bus currently is, so there’s little chance of you falling asleep and ending up at the terminus, or even worse, not knowing where to get off at all.

When you’re at a bus stop – one of the 18,000 that London provides – just look for a sign which shows you the next 10 buses to arrive, and how many minutes they are away. Alternatively, you can text a five-digit code found at the shelter to 87287 in order to find out. Make sure that buses are running by seeing which routes pass by the bus stop, how frequently, and when the first and last services are. There may also be night routes and 24-hour services available. Enjoy!