See the City from the Paramount Bar

If you want to experience a night club that really is different to the rest, then the Paramount Bar is probably the best one to choose. During your vacation, this is a must-see. You can consider it the London Eye experience, but with a glass in your hand!

The Paramount Bar is upper class night clubbing at a completely different level to the rest of the bars in the city. You’ll be on the 31st floor, and looking out over the vast expanse of the city of London.

The venue is surrounded by windows, making it easy to look out over the view whenever you like, and you can see a clear view down Oxford Street.

In truth, this place is pretty expensive, but it’s worth it if you’re willing to splash the cash for a night. The bar serves a wide range of luxury cocktails and other drinks, but your wallet will be significantly lighter before you leave at the end of the night. Perhaps it’s worth visiting for just a couple of drinks?