The Tower of London is the Eiffel Tower of England

The Tower of London simply can’t be missed if you’re in London on vacation. The tower does of course have a history that takes it through grim moments in time, including being a place of torture and death when it was first built. The Tower is open to the public, and within its beautiful and historic walls you’ll be able to learn about its rich history.

This royal building is packed full of royal artefacts, armoury and artwork. This once powerful fortress is now a symbol of British history. Now, you can learn about its history and even learn about the beasts and animals that once inhabited the tower. In some ways, it’s actually the first London zoo!

The Crown Jewels are now displayed in the tower, and there’s a Beefeater tour available explaining the rich history and concepts behind the tower, its tales, and the legends of the ravens that guard the tower.