Visit the Friendly Loft

If you’re looking for a night out with friendly people, then the Loft is a great place to visit. The venue isn’t particularly there for just young people – the crowd there is generally just a mixture of friendly older and younger people, who are knowledgeable and fans of a wide range of music. You can find the venue at the Old Shoreditch Railway on Kingsland Road, E2.

The Venue is actually the loft space directly above the aforementioned Old Shoreditch Railways. The loft has a substantial space for dancing and drinking, and despite a lack of toilets (pretty weird, huh?), it’s a great place to visit. This space is an amazing place to visit, even if it’s just a passing visit due to the lack of toilets. Though, there are sure to be some toilets nearby! If you want to experience a quirky time, then the Loft is certainly worth a look during your vacation.